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Snack Time with Shira Blend!

Ever wondered what to do for snack time instead of doing the boring old biscuits or bowl of fruit? Well check out these recipes from the amazing Shira Blend. Shira and I went live on Instagram a few weeks ago while she showed us how to cook these recipes!

​I learnt how to add nuts into my children's diet and even get some asparagus into them in new fun and inventive ways!

​Check out all the recipes below!

Sugar Free Pancakes

1 cup oats

1 cup soy milk

2 spoons of syrup (agave, maple…)

1 egg

Topping optional such as chopped fruit, maple syrup, nuts, seeds

Whisk all together , put a bit of oil on the pan and make drop spoonful's of the mixture into the hot pan to form little pancakes.

Ice Lollies

10 strawberries

7-8 macadamia nuts (omit if allergic)

3-4 spoons coconut cream

1/2 mango cut into cubes

Wooden lolly sticks

Blend all the ingredients and part of the mango. Ensure it is not too runny or the sticks will not hold up

Pour it into a rectangle/square Tupperware box.

Stick the wooden sticks in of 1.5cm apart from each other.

Freeze for a couple of hours and then turn out onto a chopping board and cut between the sticks.

Butternut Squash Hummus

1/4 butternut squash

200g chickpeas

1 fried onion

2 cloves of garlic

1/2 cup of tahini

1 tea spoon cumin

1 tea spoon turmeric

Parsley (optional)

Salt- omit for children

Fry the onion and add all the ingredients part of the tahini on the pan.

Stir 5-7 min and then add the tahini and blend in a blender unntil a paste like consistency.

Omelette Sandwich

2 eggs


Cheese (optional)

Wholemeal tortilla wraps

Put chopped asparagus on the pan for 5min. Then add it to the whisked eggs (you can add grated cheese if you wish).

Put all together on the pan and turn when is ready.

Fold the wrap in half gentle and pop in toaster

Place the omelette in the toasted wrap, cut in half to make a quarter shape and serve.


Rachael and Shira



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