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If you are looking for a solution to your child's sleepless nights, multiple night waking's, ready to move away from co sleeping, experiencing nap time challenges I can help you!

I take the guessing game out of the equation for you and help you come up with a sleep plan to put in place to teach your child the life long skill to fall asleep independently and achieve your family sleep goals with confidence and understanding!

It's time to say "hello" to peaceful nights.

By enrolling in my program you will have daily 1-2-1 support giving you the ability to eliminate those frequent night wakes, feeding to sleep associations, transition from co sleeping and nail those naps without having those feelings of frustration and stress. 

You will gain the knowledge and confidence that your baby CAN fall asleep independently, nap easily, in their own crib without relying on you to do it for them, leaving you with a baby who sleeps 11-12 hours at night (necessary feeds included), with a solid routine in place, feelings of confidence, know how and fully rested for the day ahead. 



0 - 5 months



​5 - 24 months



​2 - 4 years+

If you are ready for this journey to sleep, here is how we do it:

Step 1: You will complete a detailed Sleep Assessment Questionnaire and sleep diary. This information is a key element for me to design your unique sleep plan for your child and your specific goals. Your sleep plan will have all the information that you need to know to start and continue to make the necessary changes to reach your sleep goals.

Step 2:  We will schedule your video call to review your sleep plan. I will walk you through the changes that need to be made and explain why. I will ensure  you feel comfortable and confident to get started This will be the perfect time for you to ask me any questions and raise concerns you have.

Step 3: You will have me for daily support throughout your chosen programe via text and phone call to debrief and celebrate your wins! My families usually see success in 2-3 weeks! 

Step 4: SLEEP!

Need follow up support?

Sleep regressions happen, sickness strikes, nap transitions will come. You can choose from text, email or phone calls to help you navigate through any bumps in the road that come up. 

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What do I offer and is a sleep consultant right for you?

I work with families across the globe offering loving, responsive and gentle methods that you and your family feel happy and comfortable to practice. I will never suggest the “extinction” method or condone this method.

With my daily support at  your finger tips, I will be with you through your sleep journey with commitment and be on hand to guide, support and answer any questions and concerns that you may have so you feel confident in managing your child’s sleep needs. I will never let you feel alone or confused in this process.

My goal is to ensure you and your family all get the sleep that is biologically needed to make sure you are all functioning well for the day ahead and for the healthy growth and development of your child. I want you to enjoy your baby, your daily life and have a happy, contented and well-rested family!  ​

From rocking and co sleeping every night...

"Our life before working with Rachael and after is somewhat like night and day. Our 8 month old daughter's sleeping had been deteriorating for 3 months. Rachael's program is backed by science and experience and individual to each child and family. She is incredible knowledgeable and works in an understanding and supportive way. Now our daughter goes down awake no problem as she has the tools to put herself to sleep  all night long!


We are very grateful for Rachael's expertise and would highly recommend"

Other Services

I also offer group sessions which are great for parenting groups, "Save my sleep calls" for the smaller sleep tweaks needed here and there or add on packages for families who feel they would like extra support short or long term. 

Please take a look here for the different options that may interest you and suit your sleep needs best.

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