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Toddler (2-4 years)

This package is for you if any of the following sounds familiar…

  • Bedtime battles are common

  • Your child needs you to be with them every night until they fall asleep

  • They are pushing the boundaries and bedtime is turning in to a long hour or more battle

  • Perhaps asking for multiple stories, making 100 excuses to get out of bed, perhaps they are looking for “one more kiss… one more cuddle”…

  • You have a little visitor multiple times a night…

  • You are often woken in the night with your toddler needing your assistance or co sleeping to get back to sleep again

  • Your toddler needs feeding/milk to help get them to sleep

  • They are waking in the early hours of the morning ready to start the day

During our 60-90 minute video call I will go through the following with you -

  • I will raise any concerns I may have that may be the root cause of the sleep issue (medical or otherwise)

  • We will discuss different sleep settling approaches suited to your parenting style and your child’s temperament.

  • We will put a plan in place together to teach independent sleep skills including a routine for day and night in line with your parenting style and your child's temperament. 

If you would like your bedtimes to be calmer and smoother with a happy toddler falling asleep after a couple of stories and a cosy kiss and cuddle and you feel confident they will not wake until the next morning when it really is time to get up then this package is for you.


Packages & Prices


  • 3 Week package

  • Sleep history questionnaire

  • 60-90 minute video consultation

  • Written plan emailed to you

  • Sleep log tracking

  • 3 weeks of unlimited text support

  • 3 x 20 minute support calls


If any package is preferred “in home” £75 will be added to the package and travel
costs out with Girona may be incurred. Please contact me for further details

Not sure which package you need?

Then book a free 15 min discovery call with me to find out!

Upgrade Options

To continue your support after your sleep training program you may like to further sleep support with these upgrade options

The Email Option

  • 5 days of email 

  • 3 emails a day

  • Must be used within 7 days  of completing sleep program

  • Mon-Fri only

  • Email responses will be made within 12 hours or next business day


The Text Option

  • 7 days unlimited 

  • Must be used within 7 days of completing sleep program


The Call Pack Option

  • x4 20 minute calls

  • To be used within 4 weeks of completing sleep program


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