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Frequently asked questions...

How do I work with you and your family?
Before we start the journey to achieve better sleep in your home I need information from you. I will ask you to make a 72 hour diary of your child's life including all naps, food intake, bowel movements and activities. I need to understand your child and how you work as a family. I will be taking a holistic look into your family's sleep situation. This will be vital information for me to gather the sleep picture in your home. I will also ask you to fill out a form with general questions about your child which again will give me information that I need to understand what is the make up of your child. 

After I have gathered this information we will commence with the consultation package. (Home or Remote) I will provide you with a full "Bespoke Sleep Journey plan" with all we discuss in the consultation and details of how to proceed with a detailed guide to your child's needs, schedules and gentle methods. 

​Post consultation I will be on hand via whats app/text  and phone call support depending on the package you choose to answer any of your questions for 2 weeks. This is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions and thoughts that may arise as you undertake your new sleep journey. I will be able to support you and your partner emotionally as it can be a bumpy ride. 

I will also need you to provide me with daily logs during this post consultation period of what is happening as so I can advise going forward and see any issues that may arise. 

I don't want to leave my baby to cry it this possible?
YES! All my clients ask do they have to leave their baby to cry all night? There is a lot of confusion to this phrase.."cry it out". Quiet simply it means laying your baby in their cot and not attending to them until the morning. This is something I do not condone nor will I EVER ask you to do. What I can tell you is that at some point your baby may cry yes, and this is because you will be teaching them new skills they have not yet mastered and are asking you to help them, and of course that is exactly what you will do with my support along the way. 

How long will it take?
This is a good question. And can vary from family to family depending on their sleep challenges and action plan. I would say 99.% of my clients have excellent results in 1-2 weeks when the plan is followed. I will suggest you have a clear diary with no holidays or visitors during this time as so you can focus on your child's sleep. 

Do I need to stop breastfeeding?
No! Sleep shaping will entail doing things differently in your home but this does not mean you need to stop breast feeding. I will be supporting you through this and if you wish to continue breastfeeding then this is what you must do!

My partner will be travelling soon, can I do this solely?
The sleep journey you are about to commit to can be hard and the road can be a bumpy one so if both parents are there on hand then this is gold. You will need each other to high 5 in the middle of the night! If you are alone, then it may be an idea to ask your parent or friend to come stay while you do this. Its all about moral support and having someone to talk to. If you feel you are strong enough to do it alone then absolutely you can!

Can I get more support if I want it?
YES! I offer extra weeks of text support and if you wish for longer term support I offer 1, 3 and 6 months packages that come with a mix of email, cal and text support. Please see my services page for more details to each option. 

Can I guarantee it will work?
All my clients who commit to implementing the changes I advise in their "Sleep Journey Plan" and my advice along the way have achieved results. 

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