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Hi, I’m Rachael!

Paediatric sleep consultant and Mum of 2.

Hi, I’m Rachael, I was a nanny for almost 20 years before Leo, my first child was born in 2015. I trained in Childcare and Education in Edinburgh, Scotland and have nannied in Edinburgh, Australia, Canada and New York before settling in London and training in Paediatric Sleep Coaching which qualifies me to advise on birth up to 16 years. I have had the pleasure of caring for newborn babies right through to 9 years old and I am still in touch with those newborns from 20 years ago. It’s a bit scary seeing them finish school now and are taller than me! 

Sleep deprivation touched every part of my life

When I became a mum for the first time, I was so excited; it was my turn now! As the early weeks passed in a daze, I became extremely tired and grumpy! There was no lunch break or leaving the house at the end of the day to have a good peaceful night’s sleep! I felt overwhelmed and slowly felt the energy drain out of me and became increasingly exhausted and some days very frustrated. Sleep deprivation touched every part of my life. I empathise with ALL parents out there...its hard work day AND NIGHT!

Being a parent whether it is first time round or third time round can leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused and simply exhausted.  As a parent of two small children myself I know this all too well. 

Why did I become a sleep consultant?

​After my babies were born, many mums were asking me for advice and I saw many different sleeping patterns around me and parents all struggling to get their babies to sleep soundly day and night. I had this overwhelming feeling that I just wanted to help them all! I became very interested in what they were doing with their babies, their sleep patterns and how they were doing it and their results. 

I wanted to understand the rationale and science of sleep. I became obsessed and passionate about sleep. 

I feel very passionate about what I do and what I have learnt. It has been an exciting journey for me and I want to share my expertise, skills and experience with families around me so they feel more energised and calmer each morning and ready to face the day ahead! 

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