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Real Life Sleep Story - From Co Sleeping to Peaceful Nights!

Fourth time round Mum, Kate had this sleep thing in the bag…then lockdown happened. And home schooling with a new born happened. And sleep deprivation happened. Co sleeping and sling naps became the norm, It was the only way to get through the day and ensure everyone’s needs were being met in some shape or form, but Mum got to a point this was not sustainable anymore.

She knew Minty needed more consolidated sleep and the rest of the family's needs were not being met.

Read on to find out how Kate’s family went from sleep deprivation to calm, peaceful nights with great day time naps to top it off!

Kate approached me about her daughter 11 month old Minty. She was given my details through a recommendation. Kate was not sure if there was anything that could be done to help the sleep situation they were in.

“This was our 4th baby and I'd managed sleep with the others by myself however this time we had a co sleeping 11 month old who could only get to sleep by feeding or in the pram or car. She was being fed on demand overnight, all night it sometimes felt like. She had never slept in her own cot and to be honest, our attempts to get her into her cot had not gone well

Kate explained to me day time naps had always been in the sling. She had 3 other children to home school. Knowing Minty would sleep in a sling of course it was the only way to get her day time naps in. Of course this was working for a while, until it was just too hard. Minty was growing, getting heavier and schools were soon to open again and Mum just did not want to have to do 2, 3 or 4 sling naps a day anymore.

There is always a way….

During our consultation I explained that it is never too late to sleep train, and there is always something that can be done to achieve your sleep goals.

I explained Minty’s sleep needs and why she was not settling easily in her own cot. We spoke in depth about what Minty needed in terms of sleep for her age and stage of development, nutrition and the all-important questions to find out the families parenting style and Minty’s personality. This is very important information I need when stitching a sleep plan together.

Stitching all this information together we came up with a plan of action to implement. Kate followed it to the T, I was there every day to support and talk her through the progress which there was…leaps and bounds!

In 2 weeks Mum was able to lay Minty down in her own cot, in her own bedroom and Minty would drift off to sleep. She woke for a feed in the night and off to sleep she went again.

“She also now has 2 regular and solid day sleeps which wasn't happening before. I believe you need to be ready in yourself to do sleep training, as it is an effort and you have to be disciplined, and I wasn't before this point but if you are at the point that you are thinking about it, I would definitely recommend that you contact Rachael. She really can help”!

With Rachael’s constant phone and text support meant to it was easy to stick to her plan”

Kate was able to have her sleep space back, enjoy an evening with her elder children and husband again!

If this story resonates with you and you feel you would like to speak about the possibility of getting some sleep help please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

You can book in a free discovery call with me HERE !

Peaceful nights to you all,


Your paediatric sleep consultant



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