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Is Sleep Training Nonsense?

Sleep training is very much a hot topic. There is one side of the fence for it and the other side of the fence against it. So in this blog I am going to discuss this and help you understand more about sleep training and you will see why I am obviously on the side of the fence for it asides for having a passion to help families around the world be well rested and sleep productively!

Sleep shaping as I like to call it, is effectively training.

You will be the one teaching your child a new skill, just like riding a bike, learning to swim or drive a car, you are teaching them a new life long skill. Learning to fall asleep independently is a learned skill and many do not know or even believe this.


Sleep shaping is not leaving your child to cry endless hours until they fall asleep. It is not depriving them of love, comfort and care from you. It is not cruel or unkind.

In fact…it is one of the most awesome lifelong skills you will teach your child to do and one you and the rest of your family will also benefit from immensely.

It is in no way traumatic to sleep train, it is kind, responsive and I always take a loving approach where your child will never be left to cry all night long and you can still achieve those sleep goals you dream of and need.


Perhaps being stuck in your house endless hours consoling a crying baby, fighting with your toddler to just go to bed after 3 hours of to and fro, perhaps it is disagreeing with your husband on how to approach the night waking’s and what your child needs.

All these things a sleep consultant can help you with. We give you advice and guidance on sleep expectations appropriate to your child’s age and stage of development. We can give you the tools to implement within your family lifestyle to achieve your sleep goals. We walk you through it all and are there every step of the way as per your sleep package you choose to support and keep you on the right track and focused! That is not it? I don't think so!

Maybe you do have a unicorn baby or toddler that does sleep the moment their head touches the mattress, perhaps you have to wake them up for nursery every morning or they will sleep till lunch time and you feel sleep shaping is just a load or rubbish. That’s OK. You are absolutely are entitled to think this, however if you are reading this you may feel differently, are thinking about getting some help in or indeed are sitting on the fence...

Some people do not buy into the concept of sleep shaping because they feel it is cruel and unkind, they feel their child’s needs are not going to be met. But what if I told you that for the benefit of your child’s health, cognitive development, learning abilities, your mental and emotional health your personal relationship and social interactions can all benefit greatly for being able to have a child that sleeps well day and night, AND your child’s needs are still being met and nurtured?



1. The health and development of your child. Your child will thrive in ways you may not have seen or even know. Reports form nursery will be more on the side of “wow, what a difference a good night sleep has made”. Your child’s eating habits will regulate. Brain connections will be made, immune system will be stronger. The list is endless…

2. Sleep shaping can and is tailored to your family’s desires and needs. Your child’s temperament is at the core of any sleep plan.

3. It will provide you with more structure to your days and nights. You will know what to expect, be able to read your child cues more confidently without second guessing what they need and when, and imagine this…get to go on that date night you have long talked about with your partner!


Think of it this way, if you are ill you would go to the doctor, if you want to lose weight you would go to the gym, perhaps even hire a personal trainer, if you wanted to learn a new language you would hire a language tutor. All these things you seek and bring in help for.

So in conclusion sleep shaping is not nonsense, not cruel, in fact I certainly feel it is a wonderful opportunity for your families health and well being..

If you want your family to sleep better and you are and not sure how to go about it then why would you not hire in a sleep coach?

A professional that has the experience, the education and the advice and the ability to support you through this amazing journey of teaching your child the lifelong skill to sleep independently?

If you would like to know more about sleep shaping, how I would work with you in this journey just drop me an email here and let’s chat. I am here to help you get the rest your child needs as well as you and your family to thrive!

P.S Do share this blog with a friend you know who may be sitting on the fence about sleep training…it may just shed some light for them…

Take care Mamas and Papas,



Your Paediatric Sleep Consultant


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