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My Favourite Sleep Sacks

When it comes to transitioning out of the swaddle you may wonder what the best sleep sack is to purchase for your baby. With so many options on the market it can be hard to decide what the best one to go for is.

​Of course many high street stores stock them, Marks and Spencer to Sainsbury’s but you may like to dig a little bit deeper and explore other options.

​I would always recommend a breathable material, 100% cotton or bamboo or merino wool.

Merino is a popular choice as it helps regulates body temperature. Keeps baby warm in winter, cool in the summer. You must have something that is washable and have at least 3 in your drawer!

British Safety Standard for baby sleep bags is voluntary by the manufacturer. Look for the code on the label. Please make your own research in this as regulations often change.

Things to look for in a sleep bag...

  • The neckline must be appropriate to size of child and not to big as so your baby does not slip down.

  • Use a sleep sack designed for the age of your child

  • Labels are not allowed to be looped.

  • No long threads in the stitching

  • Harmful colours or strong dyes are a no no

  • Zips must be for a purpose only and not for decorative reasons

  • Zips up the front or side

  • Poppers again must be for a purpose not for decorative reasons

  • Shoulder poppers are handy so you do not need to wrestle with your baby’s arms in the night to get them into the sleeve!

  • Sleep bags must adhere to fire safety regulations

A “normal” sleep sack should be fine, you should not need a weighted one and if you do opt for this kind please speak with your GP first. When your little one starts to roll around in the cot they find it hard or uncomfortable to roll back if the front is weighted. Many parents think that having a weighted sleep sack will help their baby sleep better or longer, the truth of the matter is your baby will sleep longer stretches of time when they are good and ready and when they have the super skill to falling asleep independently!

Here are my top 3 favorites and why...

1. The Gro Company. This is my go to for simple, easy, sleep sack. They have an array of colours and sizes from 6 months to 10 years old. They are all either British Standard or Australian Safety Standard approved.

Tog weight from 0.2 – 3.5 so depending on the room temperature and season they have a sleep sack appropriate.

Most have zips up the side and poppers on the top shoulder. Some have front opening. I always preferred side because it was easier to have it open in the cot for me to lay my baby straight into it.

They have online stores in the UK, France, Germany and Australia as well as distributors in John Lewis, Boots, amazon and more.

2. Merino Kids sleep bags.100% natural fibers. Really beautiful simple colours and designs and no frills. The merino wool is 100% breathable and regulates baby’s body temperature. They are a little more expensive than the cotton choice. They are machine washable so don’t fear you need to be hand washing them every other day! They also have a little slot to pop a seat belt through if you need to have baby in the car. The design again is zipper up the side and one shoulder has a popper. I loved the softness of them and how thin they were so I felt Leo had a lot of room to move and could do so easily with little material bunching up around him.

3. Love To Dream Stage Two sleep sacks. They have a great range of inoffensive patterns and colours of sleep sacks that transition from the swaddle to a sleep sack where you can take off the shoulder compartment or arms. The rest of the body stays tight and snug to your baby’s body

They also have sleep bags with legs!

I love these ones because they are a slow and gentle transition from a swaddle and you can pop one arm out for a few days and then release the other arm. It is done slowly and your baby will have time to adjust to having free limbs!

Tog ratings from 1 – 2.5.

So let me know what your favourite sleep sack is and why.

Don’t forget to share with a friend who may be contemplating where to start looking for a sleep sack.

Sleep well and have peaceful nights,




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