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A Nanny Share - What is this?

So you may be wondering what a nanny share is all about and is this the right avenue of childcare for your family? In this blog I am going to explain about nanny shares and how this option may benefit you with all the pros and cons included!

So what is a nanny share exactly? This is an arrangement between 2 families with usually similar aged children, although not always, sometime they may have a year or more between them. Families may or may not know each other. Communication is KEY between families and ethics must match. The nanny will work from either home. Your homes will be located near to each other so the nanny can either pick up/drop off or walk to and from when necessary. You may like to do one week in your home and the next week in the other family’s home. This is something that you will discuss with all parties and ensure everyone is happy and comfortable. How much is a nanny share and what are the legal requirements? The average cost for a nanny share in the UK currently stands at approximately £350-£420 net per week PER FAMILY. Some areas such as London may be slightly higher. The cost is split between the families. Salary, taxes, any transport during work hours and also food will be provided for the nanny. So basically you will have private nanny care for your child at half a nanny salary! A contract is signed between all parties, often a separate contract for each family. Hours are guaranteed from both families. The salary has to be paid even if you do not use the hours every week. Remember the nanny still has bills to pay and a contract will have been signed. It is important that both families register with HMRC as employers and use the PAYE scheme. Please see Nanny Tax website for more information. They are the leading body to help and advice all things from contracts to tax to holidays to insurance and more. What are the responsibilities of a nanny in this role? The nanny will care for your child/ren as well as keeping the areas of the home she uses tidy and safe for the children. Your nanny is responsible for stating how many children she feels comfortable to care for. If you are planning on having another baby I suggest to talk this over with your other family and the nanny and ensure everyone is aware and knows how things may change. General light household duties will also be incurred such as putting the dishwasher on, taking bins out, feed any pets, children’s laundry. The main responsibility will be the care of the children. You may need your nanny to drive. It is your responsibility to arrange a car that is safe, insured and both families are happy for this set up. It is your responsibility to ensure car seats are fitted correctly and have your nanny aware it has been done.

So What Are ThePros and Cons? Pros

  • Cheaper than a nursery

  • Your child has a little play mate they can learn from and socialise with

  • You child has home upbringing

  • Your work schedule may suit a nanny share more than a day care setting

  • Your child has more attention than in a nursery setting

  • Equipment costs such as a double buggy will be split between the families

  • You provide your own nappies/wipes/food for your own child


  • No back up when nanny is sick

  • Your nanny will still be required to care for the sick child so your child will be exposed

  • You may clash with the other families childcare desires such as your child’s nutrition, activities,

  • Conflicts between your beliefs and philosophy on child rearing

  • If communication breaks down it may cause issues

  • Your child will not get the individual attention

What is in it for the nanny? A nanny share can work super well but it can be hard for the nanny to be working between two homes, differences between families may occur and she is in the middle. Equally a nanny share has more children and many nannies feel they should be paid slightly more than the “going” rate so please bare this in mind the nanny may bring this up in the interview. The parents argument for this may very well be that this £x is the going rate and if you worked for one family with 2 children you would still be paid the same amount, however some families do raise the salary when another sibling comes along. The nanny has to communicate and work alongside with 2 sets of families, manage children who may not be sleeping as well as they normally do in their own bed, have 2 houses to keep tidy and care for. Perhaps one family has a pet to care for, a dog to walk and this may be something you like your nanny share to do if you are at work all day.

A nanny share position is certainly a busy one, I for one know this myself as I took Leo along with me to my nanny job when he was 7 months old. It worked super well and I became really great friends with the family as did the children become great buddies!

We were all on the same page in terms of expectations and the children were exactly the same age...2 days apart!

It is a highly stimulating role and never a dull moment!

As always, feel free to share this blog with a friend, perhaps a friend you may be considering to do a nanny share with.

Happy sleeping everyone!


Your Paediatric Sleep Consultant



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