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​Say "hello" to peaceful nights...

Struggling with night waking's? 

If your little one is 5 months or older download this FREE GUIDE and get started right away to help resolve those multiple night waking's with my 12 steps to better sleep! 

A good night's sleep is more than just a luxury…

It is a necessity for all the family.


I've experienced those sleepless nights myself, pacing the floor boards, yearning for a peaceful and uninterrupted long sleep for all of us.

As a mother of two children, 20 years experience as a nanny and someone who has been supporting families with sleep for six years now, I understand the struggle of being awake at night, attempting everything to soothe your child back to sleep.


I hear you when you say, 'I have tried everything and still nothings seems to work. I put her down once she's asleep in my arms, but she wakes up again after 10 minutes, and the cycle repeats.'


Cat napping during the day sounding familiar or finding a routine to your days is all too confusing? Have you come to the end of your co-sleeping journey and wish to sleep in the same bed as your partner again?


Rest assured, I can help you in achieving your sleep goals.

It's completely okay to seek help; parenting is challenging, and we all need guidance at times.

Parents waste time buying books and purchasing online generic sleep plans and they just don't work. They don't have all the answers and dont help you in the moment when you have questions because a nap went awry or something else has popped up. Internet searches may not always yield the desired answers or results.


A fresh outside perspective is all it takes to analyse the whole situation, advising what changes need to be made leading to better, healthier sleep for everyone involved.

With my expertise and know how you will -

  •  Feel empowered and confident to make the necessary changes

  • Know your child's needs will be met throughout

  • Experience life changing results

  • Be supported throughout the journey

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This is where I can help you...

My area of expertise lies in coaching and providing support to tired, confused parents, helping them effectively guide their child towards peaceful restful sleep.

Typically families I work with are eager to make positive changes in their child's sleep patterns but many feel uncertain about the best approach to take and how to do it without relying on multiple feedings in the night, co sleeping, rocking, contact napping...

I provide guidance and support to help them navigate this journey successfully to achieve their sleep goals.

​Whatever your sleep challenge is, I can help your child get back on track for sleeping peacefully again so you can enjoy bedtimes and reclaim your evenings and nights back and look forward to an amazing day of great naps!

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